705 Blount Avenue
Guntersville, AL 35976

EPA Health Advisory

For Immediate Release

August 8, 2022 - The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recently issued an updated health advisory lowering lifetime exposure to forever (man-made) chemicals known as PFOS and PFOA, in drinking water. The new advisory levels are below levels that are currently detectable. Please note that this health advisory is not the product of any new law, regulation, or maximum contaminant level. Moreover, Guntersville Water Board (GWB) results have in the past shown some levels above the current EPA advisory levels.

The GWB finds that it is proper to notify its customers of the updated health advisory. Water delivered to customers remains safe for drinking and all other applications. Advisory limits are based on lifetime consumption.

The current EPA health advisory limits are on interim basis until permanent regulation for some of these chemicals are established. The EPA has provided that current testing technology cannot detect the presence of PFOS and PFOA under current limits.

The GWB remains committed to taking any steps necessary to ensure that GWB water remains safe to all customers. Almost every water system in Alabama is currently affected by the reduction of new health advisory limits. For a complete list of systems in Alabama that has detections can be found on ADEM’s website at the following address: https://adem.alabama.gov/programs/water/drinkingwater/files/2022AllResultsMRL.pdf

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